Website Design & Development

Ready to start your next project? I work directly with your team to create a beautiful, Mobile Responsive Site, that highlights all of your products or services using Squarespace.

Improve your business by covering today’s basics.

Hey my name is Derek Pruitt, Certified Squarespace Expert & Authorized Trainer. I work with you personally to build the website you’re trying to develop using one of Squarespace’s many Templates. We’ll work together in choosing the template that’s suited for your desired wire-frames, then I’ll customize the template to get us the exact layout we’re looking for. If you’re looking to design or redesign a website for your Personal Blog, Business or Online eCommerce Company on Squarespace and need a personal handyman, then give me a quick shout so we can get started, talk soon!


Derek Pruitt

Website Developer & Squarespace Specialist

Business Hours:  Monday-Friday - 8am-6pm
Location:  Greenwood, Arkansas

Service payments can be made directly through the Online Payment Gateway: