Facebook Ad Management Services Starting at $250 / Month!

~Daily Post / Comments / Message Responses~
~Monthly Advertising Campaigns Including Custom Graphics~
~Monthly Advertising Campaign Optimization For Proven Results~


No matter your marketing objective, D's Imprint can help achieve it

Watch your conversions grow overtime.


Google AdWords / Bing Ads Management Services Starting at $90 / Month!

~Ad Campaign Creation~
~Multiple Ad Set Creation~
~Keyword Planning & Search Trends~
~Keyword Optimization & Optimized Bidding~
~Monthly Statisitics, Reporting, & Changing Keywords~


Advertising Packages

By utilizing our social media and search engine advertising management, your company will be seen by consumers and/or clients looking for products and services that you offer.  Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and more, we strategically use multiple platforms to deliver your ads which is a great way to highlight your inventory in a way that is appealing to customers.  92% of online marketers now use social networking as one of their delivering methods;  D's Imprint will professionally manage your ads to get the most out of the pay per click programs and will deliver them with high-quality pictures and images. 



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Each advertising package consist of different services that use a specific platform for advertising.  Management includes 5 different Ad campaigns with images, photos, and clip-art supplied.  Existing portfolio graphics or photography are welcome and implied. 

Social Network Management gives us the ability to work directly with social media pages to build advertising campaigns that will bring in high quality leads on a regular basis.  Ready for full relief from social media?  Inquire about daily post and cover the entire timeline all month;  Receive 20 monthly post with graphics and images included!



Why do I need this service?

Studies by analysts including Gartner, indicate that consumers use social media and research on mobile devices to carry out preliminary product and pricing research before making a final decision.  Internet marketing enables you to build customer relations and prospects through regular personalized communication.  It also enables you to personalize offers to customers by building a profile of their purchasing history and preferences.  By tracking information of past web history, I make targeted offers that reflect their interests, placing your ad directly in front of customers looking for the services or products your business offers.

Marketing through social media and using services like AdWords also costs less than marketing through a physical retail outlet.   The internet provides an important platform for building relationships with customers and increasing customer retention levels.   Product reviews on your social media platform helps to build a sense of community that stands behind your product or services, which will give you retention your existing customers.