Accounting Services


QuickBooks Pro is a financial accounting software program manufactured by Intuit.  Quickbooks software has an assortment of features and functions for small businesses including accounts payable, accounts receivables, credit card management and financial reporting.  D's imprint works directly with your administration or owner to convert all paper receipts to a digital recording system that can be assorted into different categories and subcategories of expenses and deposits.  Building customized financial reports to suit your specific business needs is one of the many things I can do while managing your account.



Business Consulting Available

If you would like to do all the accounting yourself, but don't know where to start, I offer Account Receipts Management.  Here you will learn how to successfully utilize Intuit Quickbooks Pro for your specific business.   I’ll teach you all the fundamentals from receiving all the way to invoicing, reporting, and more. 

Consulting or teaching for Microsoft Office Fundamentals also available: Learn Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more!



Why do I need this service?

QuickBooks Pro comes with features designed to assist small businesses in managing their money. It provides the time saving benefit of tracking sales and automatically creating receipts and invoices at the touch of a button. Users that subscribe to Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Services have the added benefit of being able to accept credit and debit card charges through QuickBooks Pro. Users can create a variety of financial reports including year-over-year income, expense, forecasting and more.  The software was to designed to be as user friendly as we are.  D's Imprint works patiently with business owners to help them use ever function within QuickBooks. 

If you want to have an organized account or account group with static reporting and bring your business to the next level,  call today:

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